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Thursday, July 14, 2011

im blogging again.

because bad things are happening again.

first its my job.
on the same day that i was told 'i expect more from u' from my CEO.
i was told the same thing by my bf.

so i really dont get it.

am i that lousy?

im tired of people seriously.
human beings.

i cant seem to please any of them.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

i have some time to kill.

so what have i been up to nowadays

maintaining HPA

setting up MDC

and.. this little cutie came into my life on 15th May 2011


then work, many weekends burnt

oh and tuition ..

so i need some time to MIA for awhile, from friends esp.

thank god no birthdays this month. but anyway i look and feel damn cui. no life in me to party or to run around or to even shop.

just wan to maintain myself.

why doing so many things? cause $ is never enough. and setting up the blogshops allow me to earn $ while im doing & not doing my full time job.

and soon, need to get a house, neeed to get married.

want to be pretty and want to travel.

so many things to do and i dont wanna wait till im 35 where the wrinkles apppear and the freckles are beyond repair or the scars on my legs are still there. & my hairrrr, 25 goddamn years with this lousy hair, and i jus wanna change all that.

n it means $$$$

so many things that i WANT.

so im sorry that i keep rejecting people to go out/ or that i dont seem to be interested.

im jus tired. im still interested i still can talk/listen. but maybe i realy jus cant keep going out for the moment.

hopefully i have understanding friends who doesn think that ive become so engrossed with $$ that i forget my friends or now that 'i am ok, i dont need my friends anymore'.

which is completely untrue.
and most prob nobody reads my blog already anyways. but this is too long to be posted on fb or twitter.

and ive no time to meet my friends or call one by one to explain, because i'll sound like a lunatic.

anyway i love u all.
thanks for being there when it mattered and hope still continue to be.

esp my family whos trying to accomodate cotton and taking care of her
and the bf who fetches us up and down and fights for cotton to stay.
and to all i've asked advice about my cotton and have responded in anyway.

most prob i'll need a few months to settle down, then i'm going to sch!

the nightmare is going to continue.

im tired and upset lately, mainly cause of my work.

should i stay or should i go

hanteen says i might change job at the end of the yr.
there will be opportunities, and its up to me whether i wanna grab them.
my future seems very rough sailing.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

please visit my blogshop!


thanks a bunch!!

help me spread the word around.

i love cotton.
shall blog and upload her pics when i have the time. hopefully today. <3

Friday, February 25, 2011

alright, i noe i said i will be disciplined and do my work today. buttttt..
this is like day 2 of moving back! and i have so many things to unpack

anyways hopefully i have some time later to do~~. basically its changing of figures and deleting and adding some stuff. which i shouldddd be able to do tmr morning at work. if nt my boss will KILL ME because his boss will KILL him.

photos time!

first up, i super miss this cutie.
see her from puppy until almost 1 yr.
cant bear to part with her.
didnt even get to say goodbye to her before i left.
so sad...
miss her greeting at the door.
miss her attention seeking antics
miss sayang-ing her.
i guess somethings really no choice
this is COCO!! who had to withstand my crying, shouting and craziness throughout the past 1 yr.

she always lies down with one hand out like tt.

forever distracted by something

almost impossible to take pic with her w/o her licking ur face

shaved but still as cute! look at her 3 zam ba!

her bone. full of focus and conc when shes with her bone.

forever bullying me. attention seeking dog

ok time for some people pics! :D

new yr came and left..

valentines day at Kuishinbo

me and my darling!

recently celebrated jia birthday

overall. very few pics cause i lost my camera.
whats new right?
adeline the lose-r. :(

anyway thank you everyone so far.

desaru, kl in march. bkk in april. SO LOOKIN FORWARD!!!
now waiting for darling to finish his coaching and see if there are plans tonight

so weird not waking up beside him
weird not washing/folding his clothes.
become habit liao.
theres not one thing in my room now that belongs to him. :(
and i miss the view of the room.
its weird not walking arnd and having the need to open the close the cage because we dont wan coco to dash into our rooms and urine on our beds! or eat hair or some weird stuff! hahaha!!!
miss that siao zarbo!!!
its weird that i dont see him coming into the room at 4 5 am to disturb my slp..
its weird that i dont get to kiss him goodbye before i leave the hse..

logically, this is the best decision.

Saturday, December 04, 2010

yayy... everything is getting better

i have an msn hate list. haha. so childish i noe but i dun care.

if tomorrow have time wanan post happy pics here!!!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

so boring
hate to be shot down like tt
hate to be rejected all the time and other people get what they want
i should jus move to another side of the world.
why is everyone else always more impt
why do they always deserve better
why am i always last

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

no feeling at all how?

say miss u no response
say love u no response

= no hope alrady right

what u trying to do
totally dun understand

not a game lor

the unique one

Adeline Lee

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